and here we are

This past weekend was a lot of simple, quiet, comfy, quality time with my parents 
and also just a little bit of dressing up. 

I got to sleep in (still not caught up on rest after camp it would seem) 
and have breakfast with my parents
and hold their hands while I said the grace
and sit outside on the patio 
and drink iced coffee 
and watch the hummingbirds and butterflies
and get lost in pinterest and relax and dream about the future.  
And we took Dixie for a walk
and went out for Thai food
and found a field of Sunflowers as tall as Jack's beanstalk
We roasted marshmallows
and kept an eye open for the swooping bats 
and listened to music
and to Dixie chasing bumble bees. 
Sunday we went to that wedding I told you about.
We had champagne and cotton candy
and toasted our friends
and danced until my feet hurt
and my parents are so fun!

And then morning came too early
and my mom drove me to that stupid train station 
before the sun was up
and I rode back to DC
and started a new week 
and here we are. 


  1. looks like y'all had a great weekend :) new follower from the petites linkup.



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