Five on Friday

I finally decided to purchase my domain name and it was a really smooth transition. I set it up with godaddy and then blogger seamlessly redirects everyone. And bloglovin even changed my URL for me and moved all my followers over to the new address. You probably didn't even notice all these changes but I am pretty excited about it! I am officially a dot com.

Tonight I am going to my first Nationals game (#58 on my list) with TJ. He's that guy who keeps popping up on my blog lately and he was able to get us discounted tickets through the military. It's gonna be hot and sticky tonight but I'm still really excited. I love baseball games (way more fun than watching them on tv), mostly for the atmosphere and the hot dogs and the beer.

Tomorrow we are going to head over to Annapolis and meet up with my parents for crabs!! Maryland crabs are maybe my favorite food. TJ has never had them before. I mean he's had crab, just not straight out of the shell, on brown paper covered tables, covered in old bay, sitting by the water. I'm excited to show him how it's done. I am an excellent crab picker.
I leave for Young Life camp in exactly 2 weeks! AHH! I am so pumped. We are driving to Colorado with two bus fulls of high school kids for the best week ever! I have so much to do to prepare for this trip- packing and praying being number 1. For those who are interested this is where I will be....

Yesterday I went to buy a more conservative bathing suit for camp-do you know how hard that is to find? Even harder to find a cute one.  Since I doubt I'll wear this outside of camp I didn't want to spend a fortune either. So I ended up getting this tankini top from Target to wear with bottoms I already own. It's not awful but it doesn't fit great since Target for some reason doesn't carry xs bathing suit sizes (can someone explain that to me?). It'll work though- for white water rafting and pool olympics and the water slide.  I also recently got me some Chacos-I've been wanting a pair for a while. My Young Life leader status is officially confirmed.

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  1. So I found your blog from the 5 on Friday linkup. I've never had fresh crab straight out of the shell like that either. That's one of the biggest reasons I want to visit the Eastern coast--fun food experiences like that!

  2. The bathing funny! I buy mine from Land's End and they are cute yet conservative. I don't wear bikinis anymore, partly b/c post baby that would not be cute and I feel a lot more modest as I get older.

  3. Oh my stars! The stars!! I'm excited for you. That swing is crazy...sorta glad I'm not going so I don't have to get talked into trying it-ha!

    See ya tomorrow!

  4. Popping over from 5 on Friday!

    You're right - it is difficult finding a conservative bathing suit that is still cute!! Have a great time at camp!

  5. Well, I know your Mom is sure excited about seeing you tomorrow. I've never eaten anything except crab meat and I do love it.

    Know your week at camp will be more than special!

    Special blessings!

  6. Your crab feast sounds like a dream. Love seafood!

    Have so much fun at Young Life camp. I loved Young Life when I was in high school -- would have been amazing to attend a camp.

    Have a great weekend.

  7. Hi Shannon! I found your blog through the Petites Blog linkup! Congrats on the domain name! That must feel awesome :) And I absolutely LOVE crabs! I don't live too far away from Maryland...maybe I should add eating some Maryland crabs to my summer bucket list!

    Also, loving your new cute swimsuit! Hope you're having a great day :)

    xo, gina


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