Monday Monday

Usually I am anti-Mondays. I mean really who isn't? In fact I propose we absorb Mondays into the weekend and always have 3 days off. Who's with me?

But today, so far, it's actually not that bad.

Even though I got up half an hour earlier than necessary (thinking it was Friday already and that I needed to be in early for a meeting)...and even though I got to the metro and saw the big yellow warning signs proclaiming a "MAJOR DELAY" and the huge accompanying crowds...and even though I had a confrontation over the phone with a disagreeable caterer....

...I have been nothing but smiles all day. My cheeks hurt from all the cheesing.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I have a certain birthday coming up on Friday.
And I have wonderful friends who have gone above and beyond to make sure I celebrate it right.
And I have the best dad who sent me beautiful flowers today so that I can enjoy them all week long.
And I got that text that wished me a good start to the birthday week.
Because birthday's should be drawn out affairs, enjoyed all week right?

So today I'm ok with Monday. But just this once.


  1. happy birthday week!! :)

    mine's coming up in just a few weeks. i love celebrating for more than just a day, because it really is such a gift being able to have another year!

  2. Happy Birth Week!

  3. Happy Birthday (week) sweet girl. I hope you have a fantastic week. xoxox Dad

  4. You know I'm all about a birthday week. At a minimum : )

  5. Happy BirthWeek! Looking forward to celebrating with you in can drag the celebrations out a little longer. Have a GREAT time this weekend!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday week! Those flowers are so cheerful- love them!


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