Best Birthday Weekend

I have just been smiling all weekend because I am oh so incredibly blessed to have such amazing friends who made my birthday so wonderful!

My roommates... y'all...I have had the best roommates ever! Ever since I left my parents house and moved into the dorm and then to an apartment and then to a new city I have been nothing but lucky in the roommate department.

I got to have two visitors come to town this weekend and it just made my whole month! My roommate bought my bestie (my first and forever roommate) a flight up here. And another certain someone made the 9 hour drive to be a part of this weekend. These friends make the best birthday presents ever!

Friday work day was the longest day ever and I was counting down the hours till I could get home to all my people. Walking in the front door and having everyone there, I was just bubbling with excitement. It was gross and rainy all day but nothing could dampen my day. We stayed in that night and had BBQ pulled pork, baked beans, pasta salad, sangria and for dessert my favourite angel food cake with strawberries and whipped cream.  They spoiled me!

The out-of-town visitors got to meet and hang out with my DC people and I just love watching my two friend groups merge together. We all share a common love of good food and county music- as evidenced by the "lovely" picture below of me singing belting Wagon Wheel...
After a fun Friday night we were all quite lazy most of Saturday. Naps were enjoyed after we stuffed ourselves again at brunch. Once we were well rested and showered and outfits were selected we headed into downtown DC. Between the busy metro, and the Capitol Pride parade we encountered, there was excellent people watching all around. I wish I could go into the city with this girl every weekend if only to watch her reactions to some of the displays of "pride." Let's just say we saw a lot more of some people than we would have preferred...
After we safely made our way through the rainbow crowd we went to the rooftop of my favorite DC Mexican restaurant for margaritas. It was sunny and hot so we ventured inside for dinner. They make excellent table-side guacamole but we decided to be adventurous and try the sampler... it was interesting. One came with a pork rind on top, another we fried grasshoppers. Me and this guy below were brave enough to try those critters. It mostly just tasted like guacamole, with a little extra crunch and a certain flavor I couldn't quite identify. But I knew... it was the grasshopper. Unless I'm stranded on a desert island or I find myself in some sort of apocalypse situation I hope I don't have to resort to eating anything with that many legs still attached.  I'll try anything once... but once was probably enough for me.
Saturday we headed into Old Town, Alexandria to wonder around the brick streets, grab lunch and snap a few pictures. We were trying to squeeze in as much DC as possible for our guest's last few hours so we then hopped in the car to check out some of the monuments before saying our goodbyes. 
 Usually I get all teary and mopey whenever I have to watch someone drive away or drop someone off at the airport. But this time... I knew I was going to see both of these friends in the not too distant future! I had such a happy weekend but I still wasn't crazy about coming home to a much quieter house. Which is why I later ate a big slice of left-over angel food cake.  You do what you got to do.
Hope all your weekends were filled with good friends and fun! Happy Monday!


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    1. Thank you thank you! Hope you had a great weekend as well!

  2. I love the Wagon Wheel wailin' picture!

  3. is that a cute boy i see...? ;) sounds like a great way to ring in year 25!

  4. Is there a video of Wagon Wheel? : ) Glad you were celebrated the way you deserve!

  5. Vlog of you singing wagon lady.....;) tee hee

  6. Vlog of you singing wagon lady...;) tee hee


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