We Decked the Halls!

I have helped decorate a total of 3 Christmas trees, in 3 different houses this year. At Thanksgiving we put up our family tree with my parents. Then my roommates and I went crazy with Christmas decor. And the other weekend I joined my aunt and uncle and my two cousins putting up their tree.
Above are pictures of the tree my roommates and I put up (covered in my ballet ornaments), one of my favourite ornaments on my parent's tree, and the start of a homemade popcorn and cranberry garland. Turns out it's a lot more tedious than I remember and I only made one strand... oh well, it's still adds a vintage-y touch that I love! (If you want to try it yourself, all you need is day-old popcorn, whole cranberries, wax dental floss, a needle and a lot of time and patience)

Below are a few more snapshots of the other festive touches around the house:
We hung the NOEL banner that I made for our family's Christmas card over our living room entry. I just used green and plaid card stock and then printed out the letters and attached a fun pom pom ribbon! I love seeing it when I walk into the house.

I also love seeing JOY displayed on the bookshelf/catch-all/ mantel substitute right by the front door. Both words remind me to be always joyful during this season! 

We didn't have a wreath this year but I love our big bow- our house looks like a present! I love seeing every one's holiday decorations, and I just love how happy and homey my house feels with the Christmas tree in the front window. Plus, my roommates and I had such a fun time decorating!! 

I linked up at Kelly's Korner and the Thrifty Decor Chick.


  1. You girls are so cute : ) Our banner looks good there and I still like our JOY letters. There are a lot of blog link ups for decorations in the next couple of weeks-you should definitely link up. No one will look cuter than you three!

  2. Yes, ya'll are definite "cutie patooties!"

  3. It looks gorgeous! Love the xmas pi's too! Have a great day!

  4. Very cute...it took me just a minute to figure out what you girls are doing in the last picture. Now I see it....JOY!


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