15 Minutes

I wanted to do a quick recap of my weekend at Young Life Camp. It was amazing- there is nothing sweeter than watching eyes and hearts be opened to the love and awesomeness of Jesus. It was also just a blast- sometimes I know I have more fun than my high school friends.

I have tried in numerous blog posts to sum up how amazing Young Life camp is (see here, here).  I've decided it's impossible, it cannot be explained with words- it has to be experienced. I so wish every high schooler (and really just everyone) could experience the joy of camp. I'm still riding my camp high and trying to stay in that world where everyone says hi to you as you walk around camp. Where you can dance like a fool and sing at the top of your lungs and not get weird looks, most of the time. Where there is freedom to be who you truly are not the person you present to the outside world. Where Jesus is just there waiting for you to take His hand and live a better life with Him.

One of my favorite parts of camp comes on the second night after the speaker has just shared the story of the cross, some of the kids hearing it for the first time, or hearing for the hundredth time but with fresh ears. At the end of the talk he asks for the entire camp (close to 500 high schoolers ) to leave the "club room" silently and find a place outside to sit alone for 15 minutes. All the lights in the camp are off, the stars are out, you can see your breath, and miraculously not a single person makes a sound. 15 whole minutes, just you and God. I can look around and see kids scattered across the camp, in the big field, on the sidewalks, balled up to stay warm or lying flat on their backs eyes fixed on the night sky. Totally silent. And  my God is having a personal conversation with each person whose heart is crying out to Him.

Anywho, I'll leave you with that for now. I'm heading up to my parents after work today.  I'm ready to hang out with my family, catch up on the sleep I missed over the weekend, eat way too much, spend a few days in my yoga pants, and snuggle with my dog.


  1. What a perfect way to start a relaxing and rejuevenating weekend with family.
    Have a great weekend!

  2. We're ready too. Not being productive...too much excitement. I'm moving around from room to room but not actually accomplishing anything. I do have your soup ingredients so no worries there.

    See you in 4 hours! xo

    oh and I loved this post, but I think you know how I feel about camp, the night sky, and God : )


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