#78- Be A Bridesmaid Pt.1

This was definitely one of the funnest things I'll get to check off my list (and was kind of a freebie). I'm breaking it up into two parts because it was just too much fun and I took way too many pictures for one post.

This past weekend, in the beautiful Glen Arbor, MI, I got to stand next to one of my best friend's/old roommate/ forever sorority sister and watch her marry the sweetest guy who loves her so.

I took two days off work and the weekend for me started on Thursday. I arrived in Michigan on the same flight with half the bridal party and the festivities began right away!

The bride's family has a cottage on Glen Lake and they graciously provided the bridesmaids and the groomsmen with their own cottages down the road from them, complete with beach access to the clearest bluest lake I've ever seen! If only I could have stayed a week! Thursday evening we dressed and walked over to the bride's house for a casual cook out. We sat on adirondacks with our toes in the sand, drank wine and watched fireworks over the lake, soaking up being all together again for such a wonderful occasion.
Friday the girls woke up and enjoyed coffee cake and coffee on the patio before hot rolling a lot of hair and hence blowing a lot of fuses (a dozen times in one weekend...) and then dressing like desperate housewives and heading to the bridal luncheon.
The luncheon took place at the most charming inn, we dined on Coronation Chicken Salad (what the Queen enjoyed on the day of her coronation 60 years ago) and shared memories and funny stories of the sweet bride to be.
Following the luncheon and a quick wardrobe change we headed to the church for the rehearsal. Things are starting to get real, real quick. This is happening, five years and a million memories later, they are finally about to say I do!
The celebration continued at the yacht club, the perfect evening for them to say goodbye to their single days.
After dinner, dessert and toasts they had a DJ and we danced like we were back in college and a little too hard considering hair and makeup was scheduled to start bright and early in the morning.
The sweet couple took one last walk on the dock and said their goodnights before heading home to attempt to calm down and get a decent night's sleep, easier said than done or so I've heard.

Part 2, the Big day, will be posted tomorrow. Thanks for bearing with me. Not sure how interested you are in reading about my friends you don't even know but, oh well, I want to remember it all.


  1. I'm interested : ) Plus I love all the clothes! Y'all are so cute.

  2. I have to agree with Joyce! I love learning about all things wedding so you have my attention. Plus, your red skirt and denim shirt is a great look for you!

  3. Great pics can't wait for part 2


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