We Can Pickle That

This weekend was totally relaxing and just what I wanted. I have been going going going. I've been out of town most weekends, there seems to always be something on the calendar so a weekend with no plans was wonderful.

Saturday I actually slept in, took my time getting out of bed. The roommates and I then headed out for a leisurely brunch at one of my favorite restaurants, Founding Farmers.

(notice all the jars behind us... hence the title. *Portlandia reference anyone?)

My one roommate (in the top left corner pic) is moving out sometime next week and that makes me soooo sad. I am trying to spend as much time with her as possible before she leaves.

It's going to be a little tricky, though, because this will be a short week for me as I am heading up to Michigan on Thursday to check off # 78, be a bridesmaid, from my list. Yesterday I popped into Zara and scored an adorable dress- they were having a major sale- that I'm hoping will work for the rehearsal dinner.

Last night I decided to make this yummy pasta dish for dinner. It's so easy and light enough for summer, plus it makes great leftovers for lunch today!

And that's about all I did this weekend. The rest of my time was spent napping on the couch trying to follow the awful coverage of the Olympics, thanks NBC...

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


  1. I can't wait to hear all about the wedding : ) When will your new roommate move in?

    We need to figure out when I should come visit. I want brunch at Founding Farmers : )

  2. Fun pics!! Looks like a great weekend!

  3. Have a great time this weekend! Pasta dish sounds yummy! Safe travels!

  4. I am loving your hair short, Shannon! Do you love it? Or are you wanting to grow it back out :)

    1. It is so much easier to manage and get ready. I'd like it to be a little longer so I can do a bit more with it (like put it in a pony tail) but so far I love it!


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