Bridesmaid Pt.2

(Part 1 here) We walked over to the anxious bride's house with our dresses and shoes in tow early Saturday morning to begin the process of getting ready for a wedding. It's an all day sort of thing. Hair and make up was set up outside on the porch with everyone sitting in rocking chairs, enjoying mimosas waiting for their turn to get done up.
The sweet bride gifted each of her maids with the oh so fun Jcrew bubble necklace and pretty Kate Spade studs. Who loves getting all dressed up? This girl!
Finally it was time to fawn over the bride as she dressed in the prettiest gown she'll probably ever put on. And subsequently take a dozen photos.
We took a bus to the church, left the bride to be alone with her dad, and wished the groom good luck. Not that he needed it. He's basically been waiting for this day since orientation week, freshmen year.
I obviously don't have any pics from the alter, partly because the bride wouldn't let me carry a bouquet and a camera and partly because my happy tears would have made it hard to focus. I can tell you it was simple and beautiful and perfect, complete with a surprise singing of The Prayer by the maid of honor (more tears ensued).

We threw bird seed on the happy couple as they left the church (a decision they immediately regretted since bird seed gets into everything) and then piled back onto the bus to pop champagne and head to the reception.
The reception was held outside under a tent at Snow Moon Ranch with a view of the lake in the distance, a cigar roller on the lawn and signature cocktails with the cutest names like "The Mason Dixon" (he's from Georgia and she's from Michigan).
Dinner was punctuated with the speeches from the father of the bride (who channelled Steve Martin) and the best man. Both gentlemen had me laughing and then crying. That's how you give a toast! The dark clouds held off the whole evening and we danced the night away (again).
Finally the Mr. and Mrs. were able to sneak out, you can see the groom below is holding her purse...
The wedding (that my friends and I have been waiting for a whole year+ to attend) flew by in a flash. All too soon I was saying goodbye to them at the airport (we happened to be on the same flight out the next day- me back to D.C, them to Bermuda)
And now, sadly the nicest wedding I'll probably ever attend has come and gone. I had so much fun watching these two tie the knot and couldn't be happier to share in their love. Now, when's the next wedding?? hehe.


  1. Looks and sounds like a wonderful time!

  2. My favorite line...'he's basically been waiting since Orientation week freshman year' : ) Glad he got his girl! When IS the next wedding?? hehe

  3. Weddings are just the Best! I love everything about them. The necklaces are gorgeous,

  4. Love those pics...and LOVE the necklaces!!

  5. I love the necklaces! Gorgeous!


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