Chalkboards: Inspiration to Reality

Yesterday was the last Summer Associate event after work. A happy hour of sorts focusing on the law schools that each associate would be returning to after the summer was over.

I made bunting to hang in the conference center with each school's pennant. I took a picture of the flags and used the graphic in our invite:

We decided to use chalkboards in other elements of the decorations. I love all the cute pinterest pins of menus written on chalkboards. I used this image as my main inspiration:

and ended up with this:

Not quite the same skill level obviously but I was pleased with the results. I made hung two boards and hung one on each side of the bar. I also made the mini bunting to hang across the signs which matched the larger banner.

More chalkboards were incorporated into the flowers with farewell wishes for the departing associates. I used these Martha Stewart's chalkboard labels and stuck two together with a wooden skewer in between.

It all came together quite nicely and the Summer Associates appreciated the personal touches and the nod to their universities. We had a great turn out and plenty of yummy food.

I kept a hawk-like watch on my chalkboards and was prepared to push someone out of the way if they even thought about leaning up against them. Sometimes I feel like a lot of the thought details that Sara (my manager) and I put into these events go unnoticed or people don't realize how long it takes to chalk menu signs (and how tedious it can be). Fortunately I have this little ol' blog where I can show of my crafty projects!

Happy Friday everyone! Have a great weekend! For once I am in town all weekend. My plans include ordering take out and watching the Opening Ceremony and finally getting to sleep in!


  1. It turned out so cute! How did I get such a crafty girl? You'v got your mema and grandma genes...they skipped a generation with me : )

    You should pin them to your pinterest site...the flower paddles/stickers are really cute!

  2. Oh, and I am also curious how much erasing went into that big board before you got it just so...I know how you and your eraser habit. Do you have a chalk callous today : )

    1. hehe only a small one... the first board saw a lot of erasing, but once I had everything laid out and the type the way I wanted it, the second board was easier to whip out.

  3. Wow super impressed you did a great job!

  4. That's amazing!!!! Looks fantastic - and I love all things chalkboard too!

  5. What creativity and what cuteness! Know everyone was so impressed at all your heard work. Way to go!


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