The Weekend and What Not

On Saturday I ran a bunch of errands that included a trip to a dance supply store where I finally got new ballet slippers and a new leotard!
Next step- going to a class on Wednesday!

My mom brought me a spare set of queen size sheets for my new mattress that I got a Christmas but I've been meaning to get a new set ever since. After a trip to Home Goods I found really pretty and soft green Calvin Klein sheets. I then headed to Target (again) and got a new Shabby Chic duvet cover and shams.
I also bought two new lamps to go on the end tables by my sofa and put the lamps that were originally there on my nightstand and dresser. One year later and I'm finally finished decorating my bedroom....
On Sunday I headed back to Target (I swear three trips in one week is not normal, even for me) and bought some photo albums. I printed 400+ photos from all 4 years of college. What's the point of taking all these pictures if they're just going to live in a folder on my computer?
I plan to have two albums dedicated just to college and a separate album for Young Life photos. And I'll continue to add to them and make more albums with post-grad photos and pics from Young Life team weddings for instance. I love having an actual photo in front of me to look at and I can add notes to help me remember who everyone is when I'm old and looking at them with grandkids.


  1. Love your new lamp......400 photos oh my! I need to do that so they can be enjoyed! Have a wonderful rest of your week!


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