Busy Week

We have a crazy-insane-jam-packed week at work. There will be lots of early mornings and probably crashing at night. Fortunately it all equals overtime pay for me which is a great thing since I'm taking a week off of work in 2 weeks!! Of course being a "grownup" means this is paid vacation time that I've earned. But still it's nice to build up a couple extra hours before checking out!

And I plan to be really checked out! I get all my work emails on my phone which is sometimes a really useful thing. Other times it's pretty stressful seeing the unread message number climb into triple digits knowing that's what I'll have to face on Monday after my vacation.

Anywho.. this is all stuff that I can think about after this crazy week is over!

I spent the weekend with my aunt, uncle and cousins who live less than an hour away. On Saturday we enjoyed the beautiful weather and watched this guy play some awesome baseball:
(look at that stance!)
I may have gotten a little too much sun on my left shoulder and my nose but, oh well, had to get that out of the way at some point this summer.

After the game and some more time sitting in the sun in the back yard. My aunt and I headed to Loft to look for a gift and of course for ourselves. I've been loving the long skirt trend....
So I picked up this one...
I think it will be fun with a cute tank and bare feet walking in the sand to eat dinner on the beach. Or my bright bright neon sandals here. AHH!! Is it too soon to start packing??
Day-dreaming about my toes in the sand is keeping me motivated.

Just got to get through 2 more weeks!!


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