Warm Weather Wish List

As I mentioned the other day I will be heading to the beach in less than a month! I have a few things I want to do and purchase before then! This is not the deepest post I've ever written...
  • Get a mani/pedi- I painted my nails (poorly) this color the other day (Urban Outfitters- "Smush") and I'm loving it for summer. It reminds me of a mermaid or the pool. Anyway I really want to get a gel manicure which I've never tried before but have heard it lasts so much longer!
  • Gradually expose myself to more sunlight so I don't fry the first day on the beach....
  • New bathing suit!
  • Beach reads- I cruise through books when I'm lounging with my toes in the water. Any good suggestions that I have to check out this summer?? I currently have South Of Broad and The Hobbit sitting on my night stand if that gives you any idea of what I'm interested in.
  • More summer dresses- I got a gift card to Target in my Easter basket (thanks Mema!) and last night I tried a few things on but nothing really stood out to me. That doesn't mean I left empty handed though! I picked up this adorable straw bag and these neon sandals (which are actually from the girls department but I made them fit)! I'm loving all the bright colors for this season!

  • Get a haircut- This one is still a question mark. I haven't cut my hair since October and it's gotten pretty darn long (that is an gross understatement). I've been growing it out with the intention of giving it to Locks of Love or Beautiful Lengths or Wigs for Kids but I have a weird attachment to my "hippie" hair. Ideally I need a few more inches so I'd still have plenty to work with afterwards. No one close to me actually believes I'll go through with this. Am I crazy? Should I take the plunge? Should I just get a trim and stop talking about my hair now?

    This picture scares me...
I'm sure there are a few more things that should be on this list but all this worrying (on my part) about my hair has me distracted. I think I can answer my own question above- Yes, I am indeed crazy!


  1. Well, I admire you wanting to donate your hair. I'm not sure you'll last another 4 inches...you're short, remember? : )

  2. My daughter did locks of love when she was a pre-teen and when she got it cut it was so short. But hair grows back fast although when it gets long it seems to grow slower. I'm sure neither of these sentences help you out. LOL

  3. Shannon, check into "wigs for Kids" before you donate. You can find a salon who donates to them(10 inches or more). Wigs for Kids specifically is for kids with cancer who need wigs. Other organizations sell your hair and it can end up NOT going for ppl w/ cancer(or alopecia) but can end up as hair extensions or other. This I know from my decades of being a stylist and working in a salon that was not only a wigs or kids supporter but also a supporter for MVC Pediatric Cancer Center. I was shocked to find out tha t"not all donated hair goes to make wigs for cancer patients". Don't let your locks become extensions for Paris Hilton(!!!lol).
    Check out WIGS FOR KIDS.ORG!

    Love you! Aunt Sheil

  4. I had heard the same thing about the hair not necessarily going to the place you intend. I would say do your research first. Your hair is beautiful. It would be lovely to see two people (you and some blessed cancer survivor) getting to enjoy it.

  5. I really love Sarah Addison Allen books. I recently read Peach Keeper and it was good. Also a book called Saving CeeCee Honeycutt (don't remember the author) or another title called Mrs. Mike. Have a great time!


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