Too Short Weekend

I was reunited briefly with my family for the weekend which is never enough time!

They picked me up from the train station Friday evening and we headed into NYC for the best steak dinner I've had in a long time (maybe ever). Seriously [huge] delicious steaks is not something I have the pleasure of enjoying very often. Sister and shared and we still had plenty left over for steak and eggs on Easter Sunday. Steak with breakfast is also something I could get used to...
My parents recently returned from a two-week vacation (for my mom, work trip for my dad) in Asia (Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taipei) so we had lots of stories to catch up on and they had lots of pictures to show me!

After a breezy picnic on Saturday afternoon we changed into sweats to relax and sister and I dyed Easter eggs. Yes I'm 23, yes I still enjoy this! It lets me get my craft on and Martha has so many cute ways to dye eggs. We ended up using my eggs (which had everyone's initials on them as a sort of place-card. So there.

Sunday we got dressed up for church (I did get a new dress from UO- not the one I mentioned here but still with some lacey details and even prettier in my opinion.) I loved all the hymns we sang ("...death in vain forbids him rise, Alleluia! Christ has opened paradise, Alleluia!").

After church we (and my job was mostly just pouring sweet tea for everyone) got a yummy lunch ready with all my favorites. My mom wasn't planning on serving pineapple stuffing but I mentioned it in my last post and guilted her into adding it to the menu- of course no one complained. Since it doesn't take that long to pour iced tea... I got to relax outside with my dad and enjoy the beautiful weather and the NJ wildlife (like the brand new family of baby foxes in their side yard- too cute!)

The pup was around too. She was excited to have extra people in the house and wanted to make sure we didn't go anywhere without her. Here she is anxiously waiting outside my parents door. She was convinced they were talking about her and hates being left out.

I don't like to sleep in too late when I'm only home for a few days and we try to pack as much into a short weekend as possible- lots of yummy food, relaxing family time, bananagrams (of course) and extra hugs. Sometimes I catch myself during the weekend already dreading when I have to say goodbyes. Fortunately I will be reunited for a much longer visit (at the beach!!!) in 26 days. My mom and I counted!


  1. I love the picture...I put the other one you took in my random thought for the HP tomorrow. I love your super cute button btw-just noticing that now. I need a super cute button : )

  2. Nice quick Easter weekend for you in NJ & NYC! I'm curious where you went for the big, delicious steak? The Palm Restaurant? I enjoy your mother's posts alot since I'm an ex-Spartan, and also mother of 2 daughters about your sis & your ages. And with a traveling hubby. Similiar lives.

  3. Hi! Just catching up...sounds like a great weekend. Looking forward to seeing you next weekend!


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