Write It Down

I write in my journal almost everyday. Pages of thoughts, dreams, musings, quiet times with God. I never have a shortage of things to write about. Words easily fill up the pages. Of course the difference here is that no one reads my journal and I can write truly about anything I want. Whereas on this little blog I sometimes hold back. I want to be an honest and personal blogger and let you all really get to know me and what goes on in my life. Keep it interesting but still keep some things just for me.
I'm challenging myself to just stop over-thinking each post. They don't have to be planned or even that entertaining. Life isn't always. I just need to start putting words on the page screen I'm plowing ahead. Just gotta write.

Yesterday I stocked up on cards. I bought 16 cards- went just a little bit crazy. Saint Patrick's Day cards, just plain pretty cards, Easter cards. Cards for family, for friends, and for no good reason at all. It is hard to find decent cards in my opinion so I buy them when I see them! Another challenge for myself, that I talked about in this post is to be more intentional in showing my family and friends that I am thinking of them! So, if I know you- keep an eye on your mail box this Spring.


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