Hello strangers.

I won't dwell on my absences. Just hop right in. Soo... anywho...

How was everyone's weekend?

Friday night was spent with my honey. We ate dinner in and went to a movie. Low key and lovely.

Saturday I popped in a movie and took a nap on the couch. Is there anything more restful than a Saturday afternoon nap? It was a good thing too, because that night my roommates and I did something we've never done before- all went out together.
Don't get me wrong, we frequent Chipotle and whole foods and spend a lot of time together drinking tea on our couch. But we're not really girls who hit the town. So we bucked up and got a little dressed up (a big change from my usual lazy weekend get up of sweat pants and Peter's t-shirts) and headed out for dinner and drinks.
We lasted until 12:30 am (the latest I've been out in a while). And we had a splendid time catching up on each other's lives without the distraction of our laptops and of course we spent a good chunk of time rolling our eyes and acting out our own version of Fashion Police (the things some people leave the house in).
After we were over the downtown crowd we headed home and I was planning to head to bed however we may or may not have stayed up till 3 am drinking tea on the couch and watching Justin Bieber's Never Say Never... and I never thought I'd admit this on my blog.... but, that boy is amazing!!! Peter- if you're reading this- don't judge.
Sunday I spent time doing a little bit of blog designing (which you may have noticed here). I can't wait to share what I'm working on for a sweet wife/mama's blog.

Every Sunday afternoon is spent with some of my favorite high school friends at bible study and from there I went to meet up with other leaders for our bi-weekly get together dinner, worship and intentional time spent thinking about and praying those special high school friends.

So... anywho... that's what happened this weekend. Hope you all have a lovely Monday!


  1. I love the new look on your blog. You know how I feel about a soft background. Does this come in soft yellow? Not that I'd copy or anything. teehee.

    You girls are too cute!

  2. Looks like you had a fun weekend!

    Your post reminds me of when I worked in downtown Chicago after college. This is a fun time in life and I'm glad to see you enjoying it!

    Like the blog design, too.

  3. Now, if you gals aren't the cutest! It's so refreshing to see young gals that have it together and are headed in the right direction. I would say the sky is the limit in what the Lord has for you.

    I love your blog design, wish I knew how to do such. I'd probably have a new design every week. :o)

    Blessings for a great week!

  4. Shannon,

    Thanks for stopping by recently and leaving me a sweet comment.:)

    I love your new blog look. You do great work. Perhaps the same in a soft pink for me, and you, your mom and I will be triplets! Ha!

    Guess what?! I love Justin Bieber after watching his movie. Yes, I'm a forty-something admitting that. My girls love that their mama is a Be-Lieber, too.

    I had a great weekend and yours sounds like it was a ton of fun.


  5. I love roommates out on the town. So often we just sit and chat in front of our laptops, it's nice to get out.


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