Waiting Game

When I started this blog over 2 years ago it was a way for me to document my last year of university. To capture all the memories and the thoughts I had as I transitioned from college girl to whoever I would be in the "real world." There were so many big moments that I didn't want to forget, my camera was attached to my hip and I had no problem finding stories to share or words to express the roller coaster of emotions that comes with any shift in life.

That first year out of college was still full of newness. Nothing felt settled or permanent, I knew my situation was temporary and I was anxiously waiting for whatever was coming next. For me that would mean a job change, and a move to a new city.

Now I have been in this no-longer-new job in a no-longer-unfamiliar city for 10 months and for now I am settled. I'm settled but I feel oh so restless. For so many years I have had something big on the horizon. Starting college, graduation, getting a job- experiences ripe with blog posting material. Now I am waiting, again, and I have lost my blogging enthusiasm.

I think this is the curse of winter. I am at work all day and when I come out of my office it is dark and the day is over, nothing to report. I could tell you what I wore to work, or how many emails I answered, or what I had for lunch but that hardly seems fair to y'all. I like my job and I like having a job because it allows me to live here and it's providing me opportunities to do (more fun) things in the future. I have a fabulous summer on the horizon and I am working my tushy off to get there. Saving vacation hours and working overtime so I can afford to do all that I want to do. Is it too early in the year to start talking about summer?

I find myself comparing my blog to others. Why can such and such a blog make the everyday run of the mill stuff sound exciting and I can't? Why would people want to read about what I did yesterday? Why don't I have a niche? Where oh where has my blogging passion gone?

Maybe this time just has to be experienced. Maybe there isn't a way to put it to words or document it with photographs. I need to simply enjoy the day to day and the rest will follow. I want to relish this simple time of routine and stop waiting for whatever is going to happen next.


  1. Ah, this feeling of waiting for what comes next seems to cycle through life. I (like your mom) am an empty nester and wondering myself what comes next! See . . . cycling. :)
    I'm sure you've heard 'don't rush it, just live life' and that sounds trite doesn't it? But it's so true!
    I love the sentiment at the end and I'm going to share it with my 22 yr old daughter who is graduating in June and worried about what comes next!
    P.S. I also think all your posts are quite enjoyable to read! ;)

  2. Your life seems pretty exciting to me : )

  3. Shannon, great entry and I, too, often wonder how some folks always seem to have so, so much to blog about. And, I more often wonder how these young Moms (some with 5, 6 or 7 children) seem to blog everyday. How in the world do they have time for such. Anyway, I truly think that folks are just interested in our lives, no matter how non-exciting we may think they are. :o) Have a great weekend!

  4. I think a lot of people blog at one time......say at night they do all there blog post for the week. Maybe just a picture or a recipe or a tidbit of your day. Please you ride the tube everyday there must be something funny or interesting the rest of us non city folks would love. Don't put so much pressure on your self, some people have time to kill!


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