Be Creative

So I recently received a comment asking if I still do blog designs because she was looking for a revamp.

Well... I do!

Mostly just my own though, hehe. {but if you're also interested leave me a comment or head over here}

I am working on coming up with a design for this little ol blog of mine that I can live with for a long time. Something streamlined and simple that fits my [blog] style. I want to add some more features like a custom logo, tags, and a horizontal navigation bar, all that jazz. Basically this is me trying to fill the void left by art classes and designated time in my day to be creative! My "corporate" schedule has left me feeling absent from my artsy, hippie-ness and I'm trying to reclaim it any way I can. Oh, Pinterest. How you inspire me....


  1. I think someone was going to add some pizzazz to my space bar thingys too : )


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