I had a lovely lazy weekend. Friday night Peter and I went to see Contraband which was just ok but entertaining. It started snowing on our way home from the theater so I was expecting to wake up to white winter wonderland and was a little disappointed when I only saw a couple inches but a couple inches is all the excuse I need to stay bundled up in the house all day.

My house has gotten ridiculously cold! I woke up Saturday morning and the thermostat read 54 degrees!!! ugh! Our landlord brought over some space heaters which helped not at all. In other news our energy bill is going to be astronomical.

I was supposed to help out with a Young Life "Work Crew" training class but it got cancelled due to the weather until next week. Instead Peter and I drove into Potomac, MD to get lunch at a pizza place he used to go to as a kid. Peter used to live in Potomac until he was 11 years old. It was fun to drive by his old house and his old school and to get a better picture of little Peter growing up there.

On Sunday I had Campaingers/bible study with some Young Life folks. I love being in fellowship with these awesome people and it always is such good nourishment for my soul. We read through the book of Jonah and I love that story and seeing how God still uses us for his purposes even when we run away and do the exact opposite of what he asks of us. His forgiveness and love knows no bounds!

It was also nice to be in a warm house. I came home from that to find my roommate chopping vegetables for her salad while wearing her parka! Don't be too worried about us though. Our landlord is coming back today with the heater-fixing people! Yay! Maybe tomorrow morning I wont have to put my clothes in the dryer to warm them up before getting dressed!
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  1. But you look cute and that's what's important : )

  2. Sounds like a perfect weekend! Sorry about your heat...stay warm!

  3. Awe, Lawdy, this southern gal would have frozen at 54 degrees inside my house. Thank goodness for space heaters.

    Love your top, it's so cute on you and the color is great. Have a wonderful week!


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