Heart Day Treats

I came home from work yesterday to find a sweet package from my mom spoiling me with valentine's day treats!

1. A sweet Valentine's card from my parents
2. A subscription to Relevant magazine
3. Sweet heart napkins
4. Candy, of course (my love language)
5. Fuzzy polk-dot socks
6. Conversation hearts- it's not Valentine's day without them!
7. Cute tissues to carry in my purse
8. A new bracelet
9. An iTunes gift card

My mom is the best at sending little holiday treats! She even sent goody bags for my two roommates. She is incredibly and consistently thoughtful and I want to be more like that- more creative and intentional on showing my family and friends that I am thinking of them! Is there anything sweeter than real mail, a real letter or little treat to unwrap? I don't think so! Thanks mom!


  1. Hi Sweet Girl...you are right. Your Mom is the best. xoxox Dad

  2. Your sweet gentle spirit makes it easy to be your mom.
    Most of the time : ) teehee

  3. Oh, Shannon, I just got a package together for my daughter and her little 3 year old son today. I will put it in the mail tomorrow and hopefully she will just as thrilled as you. I have always enjoyed fixing packages of goodies and sending them to her because she has always managed to live away as her husband's job transfers them around the country. :o( Happy Valentine's to you!

  4. What a lovely and fun surprise! I love to give my daughters little packages full of sweet items for the holidays too. I think we moms enjoy shopping for our daughters as much as you daughters enjoy receiving them in the mail! Happy Valentine's Day!


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