1. Peter and I went to a Caps game on Tuesday. We had amazing seats! Right behind the glass, right in front of all the action. It was my first professional hockey game. Sadly the caps lost and there weren't any crazy fights that I thought hockey games were known for but I still enjoyed the players slamming into the glass!

2. Last night we met a friend for dinner at American Ice Co. It satisfied my craving for southern BBQ. I've been missing my Mike and Jeff's from back in South Carolina. Good food, better company!

3. I've been having so much fun wearing something new everyday to work! And the great part is that all the new pieces I got can be mixed and matched. Here is my outfit of the day (sorry the picture isn't great).

4. This morning I set my alarm to wake up at 7am. I got up and dressed quickly. Then I made myself a bowl of cereal and sat at my kitchen table for a solid 40 minutes of quiet time. I read my bible and the day's passage from My Utmost for His Highest. I had time to journal and relax before heading off to work. I am hoping to make this a more permanent part of my morning routine. I do it some days but not every day and it makes such a big difference in my attitude for the day. Today good ol' Oswald talked about finding freshness and joy in the mundane. Not just being enthusiastic about the big moments with God but also about the little (sometimes not so fun) moments of everyday life. Letting God be a part of it all!

5. My car got towed this morning...


  1. Sorry about #5. I like your #4. Happy Friday!

  2. I follow your Mom's blog and can definitely tell you are your Mom's daughter by your writing. That's a big compliment!

    I'm a huge fan of Oswald Chambers too. He can nail it every time.

    Enjoyed my visit and I'll definitely be back! Have a great weekend!

  3. I'm so happy there was a #4 that occurred before you had to face #5 : ) I am wishing I'd bought those shoes for myself.

  4. No fights? I'd be disappointed too! I don't follow the Capitals, but I'm happy to hear you got to see a hockey game!

  5. Wow from #4 to #5 went down hill in a hand basket I'm so sorry!!

  6. a) i want your shoes! b) oh no about your car!

  7. All was good until your car got towed!

    My daughter didn't know her car was towed from her apartment parking lot until three days later. It cost us $300! Hope yours was cheaper!!

    p.s. I am your mom's blogfriend.

  8. Love the outfit! Now I can say I'm glad my daughter just gets parking tickets. ; )

  9. I LOVE hockey games! I don't know about the majors, but in the minor league, that's the one place where you can yell, "You S_ _ K!" and it's totally appropriate! :)


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