Five Things Friday

1. Adorable and simple Peppermint Hot Chocolate gifts for my co-workers. I got the idea from pinterest/my mom. I then used this free printable and added ribbon and a little bell to jazz it up.
2. A big bag of delicious Clementines sits on my desk. They are my favorite winer snack. Plus they're good for you during this cold season- lots of vitamin C.

3. Last night was our firm's holiday party that my manager and I have been working on none-stop! I am so pleased with how it all came together! We worked with a red, black and white color scheme for a Frank Sinatra Holidy theme. *pictures to follow soon.

4. I have 2 Christmas parties this weekend. A tacky-sweater party tomorrow and a Young Life party on Sunday. I don't know where to find a tacky sweater. Any suggestions on stores that still cary them?

5. I also am bringing a dessert to the Young Life party. I'm debating on what to bring. I'd like to make something seasonal like these pretty red velvet whoopie pies

but this just looks sinfully delicious:

(Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie and Oreo Fudge Brownie Bar)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Tacky Christmas sweaters have become so popular they are hard to find. Goodwill/Salvation Army usually sell them as soon as they get them.

  2. Love what you made for your co workers so cute! Have a wonderful weekend and fun time at your parties!

  3. make a tacky sweater! just buy a cheap sweater and then pin ribbons, fringe, sequins, bells, lights are good! sounds so fun!

  4. Somehow I knew your cocoas would be way cuter than mine : )

  5. WOW that choc. chip/oreo fudge brownie looks DELICIOUS!!

    Happy Holidays!
    (I am friends with your Mom
    and a close neighbor!)


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