The Giver

I wrote a little bit about my cousin Anna's story here but haven't really mentioned it since. Not because it hasn't been the number 1 thing on my mind, but because I don't think this silly little blog could contain what Anna and her family, my family, have been dealing with. Life for her has been put on hold while she goes through this trial. Plans, holidays, normalcy has been swapped out for a new plan of simply making Anna healthy again.

And today is a big day, a huge step forward towards total recovery!

Today a complete and utter stranger is giving Anna the most awesome gift! This stranger, whom we have been affectionately calling Nigel (because the one thing we do know is that he's a man living overseas), was identified as the best match for Anna's bone marrow transplant. He has taken time out of his week before Christmas to give Anna the healthy stem cells that she needs! The harvested cells were flown across the pond and will today be given to sweet Anna.

Please praise God for this wonderful, selfless giver, shower him in thanks. And pray for Anna to stay brave and for her body to receive this gift with no more sickness and no more complications.


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