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This past weekend I went home again. This time my darling sister was also in town! I love when all 4 of us get to spend the weekend together- although it always much too short. Why do weekends always fly by??

I went apple picking for the first time! It was so fun and such a beautiful day to be outdoors. I will say that my height works against me in the apple picking department...still such a good day!
It would have been have really hard to head back to D.C if I didn't have something to look forward to....Tonight one of my bff's is coming to town!

She is on fall break for the entire week and she is coming to stay with my roommate and I until we all head back to South Carolina for Homecoming this weekend!
We can't wait to be here in just a few short days....


  1. Trip home is always a good thing...glad you had a blast! This weekend sound great that last picture is gorgeous....hope the colors are just as beautiful this year.

  2. Hugs and kisses to the bff! That last picture makes me wish I were going too. You'd love that, right? : )

    So fun having you home...Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

  3. Nothing is better than going home!! Looks like you had fun with your fam! :)


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