Gettysburg & Snow?

On Friday Peter picked me up from work and we drove to Gettysburg, PA for the night. It's only about an hour and a half away and the traffic wasn't too terrible. We stayed at the historic Gettysburg Hotel which is right in the center of town. Friday night we just walked around the town a bit and then got dinner at a delicious Italian place called Mama Venturas. Peter had gone there before with his family and they were mighty jealous of our visit.

We had heard they were calling for snow on Saturday but I didn't take it too seriously, despite what my iphone was telling me:

We were quite pleasantly surprised by what we saw when we woke up Saturday morning:

The snow fell heavily throughout the day, making this small town even more beautiful! We couldn't do too much since it was freezing so we hopped from door to door to stay dry. We had breakfast at the Lincoln Dinner. We went on a tour of the David Wills House (where Lincoln finished writing his famous address and where he stayed the night before he delivered it). We popped into a really neat antique shop. And then hopped in the car and drove out to the National park and the battle fields. If we had been prepared, it would have been fun to trek through the fields in all the snow. Instead we stayed mostly indoors, visited the museum and took pictures of the battle fields from the warmth of our car.

It's pretty crazy to think that almost 200 years ago these fields were littered with soldiers. Couple things I learned from the tour was that I am very grateful for warm shoes and socks and I would rather have died in the field then face war surgery back then... ugh.

Peter acted as my tour guide when it came to all the artillery and gun stuff. Did you know the Sharps carbine rifle really affected the outcome of the war due to it's longer range and greater accuracy? I do now!

Afterwards we headed to the Dobbin House Tavern for lunch. It's one of the oldest homes in Gettysburg, built in 1776 and is so charming with low dark wood beams on the ceiling and fireplaces and cozy couches.

Can you believe this much snow in October? It felt more like we skipped right over Halloween and Thanksgiving and were gearing up for Christmas!

These poor mums are totally freaking out! Who else saw snow this weekend?


  1. No snow here in the Midwest, but there was a little ice on my window this morning! I'd like a little more fall before we settle in for the winter!

  2. Looks like a fun weekend with the unexpected twist of snow. Glad you had fun. We got snow but not as much as in Gettysburg. See you soon!

  3. we were in NC for the snow in the North East ... but we came home to it! pretty, but way too early! also, a present for you on my blog :)


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