Nautical Event Details

Yesterday evening the wine & cheese event that I mentioned here took place. I was responsible for coming up with the menu, coordinating with caterers, ordering all the food, wine and beer and decorating the space-on a limited budget.

The invite that I sent out for the event featured nautical flags and I decided to run with that imagery and colors for the decorations. I ended up crafting my own flags out of card stock and glue stick and hanging them over the bar. I love how they turned out!

I used sunflowers and red carnations that I bought cheap from the flower vendor right outside the metro to bring in more red and yellow. I know carnations aren't the best but they filled their purpose and the amazingly huge sunflowers more that made up for them!

I wrapped all the vases in rafia and placed small ones with floating flowers on the bar and larger ones on the high-tops around the room:

Finally I used the same image from the invite on the buffet cards:

The firm "colors" are green, so all the table skirts we own and the carpets are that color which makes it tricky to transform a space. The decorations were simple but then so was the event- just a casual get together for the attorneys after hours. The food was yummy and overall I was quite pleased with how it all came together!


  1. Looks great Shannon! Congrats on pulling it all together. Did you get my email re: lunch??

  2. I love it but you know we are partial to all things nautical here : )

  3. Looks great! Carnations are a good choice for vibrant red on a budget--and they last so long you could probably get TWO events out of them! The raffia is a nice nautical (knot-ical?) touch. And I bet those flags took some time by hand. Wow. Kudoes.

  4. It's looks great! (The flags especially!) I've always said that if I wasn't a teacher I'd want to be an event planner! Even though it can get a little stressful, it's also lots of fun!


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