So There Was This Earthquake

I'm sorry if you've missed me this week. I've been at the DMV. I don't know what was worse, the DMV or the traffic getting home from work yesterday.

Yesterday was a day of annoyances and weirdness. The DMV was annoying, the earthquake was weird. I happened to be at my desk on the 6th floor of my office building. I thought they were moving furniture above me when my cupboards first started rattling. But then my desk started moving as well and I almost climbed under it. Instead though I hustled down the stairs and met everyone in DC in the streets. And being the good blogger that I sometimes am, I remembered my phone and was able to take some pictures of the bit of chaos:

Then we were told to move away from the building and head to the park which looked like this:

My work friend and I decided to take advantage of our time and we walked over to the White House. They had the road right in front of it blocked off and a whole handful of snipers making sure no one did anything crazy:

Our building was shut down for the rest of the day and it took me 3 hours to get home since I had to take the bus and like I said there was insane traffic. Fortunately my phone battery died so I got to have a fun time wandering around trying to find Peter who was picking me up. All in all it was a very strange day!

Did you feel the earthquake wherever you were?


  1. I'm glad you're safe. And that you took pictures : ) I did not feel it here, some did, some didn't. Closer to the city they did.


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