More Driving Drama & Weekend Plans

Yesterday my mom wrote such a sweet story about when I was born and that magical first year as a mother. I feel bad now because I have managed to chip away at the magic with these past couple of days....Daughter 1 has totally failed and, while I could blame it on the DMV and the special awful place that it is, I know it's my fault. I know I procrastinated and hoped for the best when I should have prepared for the worst and taken care of this months ago.

Fortunately my parents are rock stars and my family loves me so much. They love me so much, in fact, that my amazingly selfless uncle went twice to the DMV in South Carolina on my behalf. They fed-exed, faxed and got it together when I couldn't. I will be going back to the DMV on Monday equipped with everything I can possibly ever need ever, and I will be prepared to duel (cry and beg and plead my case) with any agent there who tries to deny me my vehicle registration or a Maryland license! And hopefully this will be my last post about the DMV!

Fortunately I don't need to drive anywhere this weekend. In fact, I will be heading out town (on the run from Irene??) and heading to Young Life camp for the DC Metro Area Leadership Weekend! I am so excited but also really nervous because I really don't know but one person going (that I'm aware of- you never know with Young Life, it's totally 3 degrees of separation).

I have been praying a lot about getting back into leading YL and on Wednesday I met with the area director. He reassured me that it's totally possible to be involved and still have a full time job, multiple leaders do! In fact, the people who I'm carpooling with are all in the same boat. I will be meeting them at the metro after we all get off work and I am sure we will be fast friends by the time we get to camp!

Wish me luck! Hopefully the fact that I'm the new girl and don't know anyone wont be too intimidating for me! Heck, I've been the new girl plenty of times before- I can handle it!


  1. It would take much more that this little DMV drama to really damage your mom's magical memories. Moms have a way of forgetting certain things, ahem, while remembering certain other things. :-)

    Have a good time this weekend!


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