"Nap" Town

This past Saturday Peter and I went to Annapolis for the (late) afternoon. It wasn't particularly sunny and the breeze coming off the water made it not quite as hot, perfect for an afternoon out! I was excited to spend some time there since it's been 8 years since my family moved away from Maryland.

Peter "encouraged" (forced) me to drive there. I need practice driving on these busy, scary DC highways and it wasn't as nerve wracking as it could have been. However I did start to panic and he then "encouraged" me to pull over and switch seats with him when it came time to park. He found us a great spot on the main street right by the water and perfect for walking around. We popped in some cute boutiques, he had to drag me out of Kilwins, (which is a chain and I learned that the Maryland Kilwins does not make pralines, which the Charleston Kilwins is famous for), and we checked out all the great boats docked along "Ego Alley".
Peter was such a good sport about my picture taking. He didn't complain when I asked people to take our picture together and he even suggested this below pic of me in the middle of Main Street.
After our leisurely walk around town, which included a lot of me saying "I used to love this place" or "this wasn't here back then" we started noticing some ominous clouds so we headed to McGarvey's for dinner!
This is one of my all time favorite restaurants in Annapolis. It's a little hole in the wall type pub. When I lived in Maryland, my dad used to take me there every year for lunch on my birthday and it was always a family favorite when we came to town. So, like in the past, we ordered yummy mussels (my all time favorite) to share and Peter may have raised an eyebrow at my neat and orderly way of stacking my shells. I also had awesome crab dip and Peter had a crab cake, it was a very Maryland-ish meal.

We of course had to go back to Kilwins after dinner so I could get ice-cream and then this time Peter drove us home. We both agree we want to go back for a weekend trip since it's not even an hour away from me and such a nice change from the DC scene. It was lovely day, spent walking around, visiting a town that I used to know better, holding hands and enjoying a day out.


  1. Sounds like a perfect day out! Love the pictures! Have a wonderful Monday!

  2. Super jealous! Especially McGarveys. Whaa. And the water. Whaaaaaaaaaa!

  3. Sounds like a perfect day!!! Such a lovely place. You are right, a weekend there would be great! Have a nice week. Love & blessings from NC!


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