Brain Dump

  • My roommate and I just bought lawn tickets to see Hillsong United on August 20th! I am sooo excited!

  • This past weekend Peter and I "discovered" the wonders of a little service called Take Out Taxi. It's a 3rd party delivery service that lets you order from restaurants all over town and they deliver it for you. Often they are restaurants that don't do delivery. It's just a whole 'nother way for us to enjoy lazy weekends! We enjoyed California Pizza Kitchen while watching Grumpy Old Men.

  • The rioting in London is just breaking my heart. It's completely out of control and I am scared for the places that are dear to my heart. I've been following it pretty closely today and there are rumors and threats against the burrough where I went to school. Hopefully they stay as rumors.

  • I semi-watched Bachelor Pad last night. It's a whole new low for this show. I don't think I'll be following this season. There is no one I like on it! (But I guess that's never stopped me before).

  • Yesterday I re-read The Help in preparation for the movie coming out TOMORROW! I first read it at Christmas and it's was just a fabulous the second time around. I cannot wait to get a group of girls together and go see it!

  • Lately I am really, really missing Young Life. My favorite team has been blowing up my facebook newsfeed with tagged pictures from their trip to Crooked Creek Camp with my favorite high-schoolers. I praying about ways to get involved and volunteer with YL up here.

And that's all folks!


  1. I totally agree with you about the riots in London. It's so sad to see such gang mentality in an amazing city like London. Hopefully the violence will stop asap.

    And, I'm with you on the bachelor pad....they're all trainwrecks....which is exactly why I cant stop watching!

  2. Wish I could go to Hillsong with you!


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