Such a Tease

These short weekends at home are annoying!
But I love them!
But they are too short!
But I need them!
It is such a tease to spend just two nights at home, to see my parents for just two days and then to head back so soon after I arrive. It's never ever enough time! I so wish I was still in my house instead of at my office. Monday's after a trip home are the worse!! My mom already posted about day one of my "drive-by-visit," so I'll just share one of the great pictures from my visit home and you can read about it over there.

I don't know if maybe you've noticed, but my boyfriend is very tall...


  1. Miss you and the big boy too : )

  2. I heard he was tall but this gives me perspective...Yep, he's tall.

  3. Glad you had a wonderful time at home with Mom & Dad. Yes, your boyfriend is very tall. You are so petite that it makes him look like a giant!!! Great picture of the 4 of you. I agree, weekends are NEVER long enough. Love & blessings from NC!


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