I'm Going Home!

Harry Potter was epic by the way!

Yes those are themed 3D glasses- what else?

Moving on...Today, after work, I am hoping on the Amtrak for yet another weekend away! Peter and I are headed up to my parent's house for a relaxing weekend at home!

I am so looking forward to this. It's been so hard to pin down a weekend when my dad isn't out of town or Peter and I aren't out of town or a million other things aren't going on. But this is coming at just the right time (really any time is a good time to visit the parents)!

What I am most excited about is this is a no fuss weekend. It's not built around any big event. No schedule. Nothing we absolutely have to do. We can just relax and enjoy being together! I am also pumped to see the new patio and fire pit my parents have put in and that my mom keeps posting about on her blog!
(I am planning to sit out there with everyone and enjoy some good catch up time!)

Peter hasn't been up to their house since the first summer they moved in! We still had boxes to unpack, there was no tv, and we were all still getting our bearings.
And speaking of BEARings both (or at least I am) hoping to see one of these as well!


  1. Glad you loved Harry! Have a wonderful weekend with you parents. I am sure your mom is ecstatic.

  2. Have a wonderful time at home. It sounds like the perfect weekend... no agenda. Woo-hoo! Say hi to your mama for me. I've been a total stranger recently for lack of time.

  3. Crazy picture, I'd be scared to death to see one up close!

    Come by and my Hello Mellow giveaway if you like!

  4. Love the new patio and fire pit. What fun!!! I know Mom will spoil you while you are home. That is what Moms like to do. Love & blessings from NC!


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