But I don't want it all to end!

Tonight (at midnight) I am going to see the final Harry Potter movie! I'll admit it's bittersweet. I am so excited to watch this epic conclusion but I can't help but feel sad. What now? What will I look forward to now? I grew up with HP and now it's over. Sigh...nothing will ever be this amazing, or this good!

I am actually going to be standing in line at the theater around 7:30 ish. Not because I need to be there 4 1/2 hours before part 2 begins but because my friends and I, being the dorks true Harry Potter fans that we are, bought tickets to the "Double Feature." Starting at 9pm, I will get to watch Part 1 AND Part 2 of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows! Could you think of a better viewing experience? Not me!

Actually, the one thing that would make it better is if my sister was up here to watch it with me. I think we've seen every Harry Potter midnight showing together and I'm sad we wont get to experience the last one together. I guess that means we'll have to do an epic Harry Potter marathon when this new one comes out on DVD. Sound good, Sis?


  1. I think possibly there will be something in your future that is just as amazing : ) But I get it...have fun! See you TOMORROW!!


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