A Wine Tasting and a Recipe

On Saturday Peter and his family and I drove to Middleburg, VA, about an our outside of D.C. and did a couple of wine tastings. The first vineyard we "visited," The Boxwood Winery happened to the owner's private residence so we couldn't go in for a tour but there was a tasting room in town that we checked out.

Then we drove a little further and came upon this view:
This is Barrel Oak Winery. It was more my kind of winery. (Not because the wine was better-and I know nothing about wine.) I just loved the laid back feel, live music, just chilling on their patio looking out at the grapes. Earlier in the day they apparently served delicious bbq! On and they're dog friendly. Such a relaxed environment, perfect for enjoying a bottle of wine with friends!

Sunday Peter and I went to his mom's house for a cook out with his relatives. But I don't have any pictures because, unlike my family they don't insist on documenting everything. Maybe it's because none of them write a blog. I guess I'm just going to have to be the girl who makes everyone stop what they're doing and smile for the camera.

Moving on... I've been eating out a lot and buying my lunch everyday and so I finally decided it was time to go grocery shopping so I can make my own meals more often. Last night I made this yummy salad, my own salad dressing and a sandwich. It was light, fresh, healthy and cheap!

Pear, Apple, Cashew Salad with Lemon Poppy Seed Dressing and a Tomato Sandwich
For the salad I use romaine lettuce, I chop up a green apple, a pear and chunk up some ementhal cheese (swiss-so yummy and nutty). Then I add cashew pieces and dried cranberries. Basically the proportions are up to you.

For the dressing (this makes a lot so I bottle it and save it for future salads):
Blend 1/2 cup of sugar, 1/3 cup of lemon juice, dash of salt, spoonful of dijon mustard. Add 2/3 cup of olive oil (in stream) then lightly pulse in about 1T of poppy seeds (but not too many or it will change the color).



  1. So pretty! Maybe we'll see how these compare? The view and the wine : )

  2. Love Middleburg. B & I spent my last birthday there oooing and aaahing around the vineyards and horse farms.


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