All My Bags are Packed (Not!)

I will be heading home for Easter on Thursday. This means I need everything packed up and ready to go by Wednesday. I'm only taking a couple of suitcases up with me this trip but I still need everything boxed up for my quick trip back in May.

This is my what's on my to do list:
  • Pack everything!
  • Pack suitcases for Easter and first few weeks of work.
  • Have mail forwarded
  • Cancel cable and energy services
  • Hang out with people I'm going to miss
  • Go to all my favorite places around town
I'm getting a little sad. This apartment has been my home for two years and I've been in South Carolina for five. I'm trying to soak it all in before I leave. I am also planning on being attached at the hip to Sister up until I have to leave. I'm glad we'll have a few restful days at home together.

This weekend Sister was actually at a fraternity formal. Since Peter is in Belize I obviously didn't get to go (and I was so hoping to be 5-for-4 at Sigma Nu formals). I honestly think I could have tagged along and no one would have noticed, "Peter? Oh he's around here somewhere..."

Speaking of Peter, he got stung by a scorpion, on his stomach. Sigh...

Yesterday I went over to his apartment to see what needed to be done. A lot. It was scary. About a bajillion loads of laundry, for starters. I've decided he has about 2x more clothes than I do, and about 700 t-shirts. This means (in his eyes) that it's not essential for him to do laundry until he's gone through every single one of them and he has allowed the laundry basket to flood his closet. I also found a few things of mine that I thought I'd lost in his dorm room about 2 years ago shoved into the bottom of a huge cardboard box that he probably hasn't touched since he moved out of said dorm room. Sigh...

Well, clearly I have a lot to do and need to skedaddle. I promise to be a better blogger when I have all the laundry behind me and in boxes!


  1. Can't wait to have you home for Easter! Bring a wrap...this is not South Carolina : ) Not even close!

  2. Just found your blog! How adorable! I am a new follower :)


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