Load 'em Up, Head 'em Out

I wrote this quick little post before I jetted off to the airport yesterday! I said a fond farewell to South Carolina and headed to my parents for Easter! Next stop, hello D.C!
(for a couple of weeks until I come back to SC to get the rest of my stuff...)

Yesterday was last day at my old job- I basically worked right up until it was time to go to the airport. I got up really early today to make sure everything was packed and that my suitcases weren't too heavy for me, and that my hair was rolled-I wanted to look cute for my last day :)

I got the cutest card from some friends at work!
I had wanted to take a picture of me loaded up with all my bags but Sister and our ride were already waiting for me when I got home so blame them. Fortunately though, I had a few minutes to come home to grab some last minute things and to transfer my purse into this great new bag that my friends at work gave me!
Perfect for the airplane; perfect for the beach, or in my case, summer in the big city!
I think I got everything!


  1. YAY! This is such an exciting post! I'm so excited for you to begin your next chapter in D.C. Have a great time with your family, and then BEST OF LUCK beginning your new adventure. The bag your work friends got you is fabulous - very southern girl meets the big city! ;)


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