More Move Details

Some people have asked me what Peter will be doing next year and I had earlier expressed concerns that we would have to be long distance for a while. But that is not going to be the case because he is moving to D.C. as well! Of course we will not be two building aways from each other like we are now but still... it's better than two states away! I would not have liked that one bit. Peter is actually in Belize (lucky duck) for the next couple of weeks without phone access. And while we are emailing every day I'm already missing him so much. However I told him to have fun and to keep an eye out for Reese Witherspoon, I hear she's honeymooning there. I also told him to wear sunscreen and take pictures.

Without him around to distract me it should be a lot easier for me to get all my affairs in order. And there are a lot of affairs. For the past few days I've been cleaning and clearing out all the stuff I have accumulated over 4 years of college and then some. (For instance my "costume box" is probably not coming with me to D.C because I don't think there are quite as many themed parties in post grad life.) Now basically all I have to do is put stuff in boxes.

My plan is to have everything boxed up and ready to go by the time I head up to my parent's for Easter. I have to be in D.C to start my new job immediately after Easter, which means I'll have to pack all the clothes I'll need for a couple of weeks. I will then fly back to South Carolina for Peter's graduation. My parents will be down there as well to help my sister move out of her apartment and to help me drive all my furniture, boxes and car back up to D.C.- sounds like a fun trip for my parents, huh?

Peter also left me a key to his apartment just in case I wanted to help him get his affairs in order. And honestly the obsessive-compulsive in me really wont be able to leave it for him to do all by himself. Perhaps a cleaner, more organized apartment will be my welcome home present for him.


  1. Whoohoo! Wouldn't be a trip south without us moving somebody somewhere : )

  2. That is so exciting! I'm glad you are both starting your next chapter together. Good luck with the packing, good time to purge stuff that is for sure!

  3. girl, i'm a teensy bit jealous of the new adventure you're about to embark takes lots of pictures and continue to update so i can live vicariously through you, k? :)

  4. Oh, I saw take the costume never know?????

  5. How exciting that Peter will be moving to DC, as well. That is awesome! Can't wait to hear more about your new ventures in DC. Love & blessings from NC!


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