What A Day!

Yesterday was quite a day...After spending the weekend with my friend and her mom (more about that in another post), I was especially doubly homesick for my parents. Sunday night I called home and asked if they would fly me home for a few days since I'm not working again until Saturday. Of course they were happy to oblige. If you read my mom's blog you'll know that I have spent a combined 20 days with my parents since June! Not cool! No-sir-ee.

So mom checked for flights and found me the perfect Monday 9:30 am flight out to Newark. I was super responsible and packed (mostly) everything up Sunday night and then set my alarm for 7 am so I could shower and take my time in the morning. If you remember this post I wrote about my airport here in town you know that you really only need to be to the airport an hour at the most before a flight and the airport is about 30+ minutes from my apartment.

Well... I must have sleepily/unconsciously turned my alarm off in the morning because I woke up at 8:20, the time I had planned to be at the airport, with my phone underneath my pillow! I leaped up (said some choice words) threw on the clothes I'd thankfully laid out the night before and flew out of my apartment. I didn't brush my teeth, my hair looked like a rats nest and I didn't even pee. (TMI?) Of course I had to stop and put gas in my car but fortunately there was work traffic and I managed to hit every light red... I'm sweating just reliving this.

The whole ride there I cried, prayed, cursed myself, and calculated how long it would take me park, check in, remove my shoes/coat/laptop (never mind, I'd left that at home in my hurry) and get to my gate. I hastily parked in short term parking and hoofed it to the check in counter, realized I went to the wrong airline, found the correct Continental desk and then threw my id at the woman, quickly exclaiming that I was very late and had I made it in time?

Her response, (in a bored, irritated tone): "It's ok, that flight was cancelled."
I burst into tears.

Long story short (sorry, not really) I was rescheduled to fly out at 5:30 but thanks to power outages at Newark I didn't leave until 7:45. I'm not so much upset about all the airport stress, I'm just upset that it caused me to miss a whole afternoon with my mom.


  1. I've done the whole scrambling this-must-be-a-nightmare kind of thing before, and I don't blame you for crying. I'm glad you finally did manage to get there, though. Have a great week!

  2. Too much stress for one day.... I would have cried too. Have a wonderful time with your Mom & Dad. Sorry I have been behind on my blog reading and writing since Christmas. My schedule has been "crazy busy". Enjoy your time at home & let Mom pamper you this week. Love & blessings from NC!


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