Last Weekend

I am writing this (belated) weekend wrap-up from home! Last weekend was pretty great- and it had nothing to do with the Super Bowl. My friend A drove up from Birmingham on Saturday afternoon and then together we drove to Charlotte to surprise our other friend, LC, for her birthday!
(Me, LC, and A on LC's birthday freshmen year-4 years ago!)
We called LC's mom, who was in town, to make sure it was ok if we drove up and joined them for dinner and then stayed the night. Her mom was beside herself with excitement and so were we but somehow we managed to keep it a secret! (Which is impressive, if you know my track record with secret keeping.)

When we pulled up to her apartment her mom snuck out and let us into the building. I wish we had gotten a picture of LC's reaction when we walked in the door! Lots of jumping up and down, screaming and hugging! LC had also invited a couple of her friends from work and no one really knew each other so it was fun to meet new people and it was such a fun little party!

It was the perfect girls night out and just what we needed. I wish A and LC and I all lived in the same apartment, or at least the same town....Her mom can live with us too because she is such a doll and it was such a treat to see her as well! (Seeing her mom also made me miss my mom and dad, hence why I am in NJ). She is also really smart because she secretly rented a hotel room for A, LC, and I to share for the night so we could have a sleepover in a big king bed and catch up all night- which I am so thankful for- it was definitely needed!

Unfortunately A and I had to leave Charlotte early Sunday afternoon so I could be back for work and so A could drive back to Birmingham to med school. Even though it wasn't even a full 24 hours with these girls it was so worth it. Heck, I'd be happy with just half an hour!
(4 years later and I still luv' em!)


  1. This picture makes me happy. You girls are too adorable for words : )


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