Blank Canvas

I have a blank boring wall behind my couch/bed.
What should I put there?? Opinions and suggestions are appreciated. Here are some of my ideas.

Option #1
A shabby-chic gallery wall with an assortment of framed photographs, prints, fabric, album covers.
Option #2
Wall decal (Urban Outfitters), wall paper (Anthropologie). Probably not the best option unless it was easily move-able/reusable since I will not be in this apartment forever. (Thank goodness.)
Option #3
I could paint just that wall and solid color. This would really make the couch/bed pop. The down-side of that idea is that I'd have to paint over it when I move out. Colors I like:
Option #4
Your brilliant and creative suggestion.


  1. I'm thinking of making a padded head board but higher than a regular head board. I like pictures some B&W's are nice.

  2. No wallpaper...too much trouble when its time to move. I vote for pictures. Why don't you frame some of your awesome pics?


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