Not Complaining

I haven't posted since Tuesday and for that I am sorry. But since I barely worked last week I wasn't making much money, which means I couldn't afford to do anything but sit around my apartment, which means I've had absolutely nothing interesting to write about, unless you wanted to hear about all the daytime television I've watched...I didn't think so.

I wrote a few versions of this post and finally decided that I didn't want my first post in a week to be so whiny. So instead of going on about how boring and pointless last week really was I am going to be positive and focus on the things I actually did!

1. Watched The Bachelor and texted with my mom during the whole thing.
2. Went to dinner with the girls from my old young life team.
3. Hung out with my sister and went to dinner with her and her roommates.
4. Got to meet some of the new awesome new "babies" in my sorority.
5. Hung out at the fraternity house with Peter like old times.
6. It was 72 degrees and sunny over the weekend (I know that's not something I really did... but it was wonderful and I had to mention it)

So even though that's all I did last week, they are 6 simply great things and when listed out like that they make last week seem less dull. Isn't it so much nicer to focus on the good rather than harp on about the bad?


  1. I'm with you on focusing on the good. Makes all the difference. And when I focus on good it seems like more good happens. Love that.

  2. Glad you're working this week : ) and have more to keep you busy. Always better to be a little busy. Love that I get the #1 spot on your list. Love you sweet girl!

  3. focusing on the good instead of the bad is so much easier said than done - however, you did a GREAT job :) much better than i can some days...haha!

  4. 72 Degrees.....Lucky! I'm so addicted to the Bachelor this season...hello Michelle come on she is a hot mess! Would you have loved to go on that shopping spree! So sick of all the tears....and the Ashley he kept she needed to go! Hope this week is better and busier.


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