Stare Down

I slept in until 11.
Then I laid in bed and watched Say Yes to the Dress for a little.
Then I felt really lazy and hungry.

So I dragged my but out of bed with a craving for Five Guys, got my swimsuit out of the bottom of my closet, laid it on my bed and stared at it....

It was a test of wills. I contemplated the pros and cons of actually donning the suit, going to the pool and swimming laps. I thought about wet hair and cold water and a raised heart rate.

But the suit just laid there staring back, taunting me and my real secret plans to eat a big cheese burger and watch The Notebook.

Well.... I lost.
I had a yogurt and argued the whole way to the pool. I resisted the uncomfortable goggles and thought that maybe since I couldn't find my nose plugs I could get out of it. But no such luck. I lost and the suit won. My tired and water logged body is ignoring the suit now. In revolt I will still have Five Guys for dinner and watch The Notebook (guilt free).


  1. you are too cute! i can just imagine you and your swim goggles, and also you and your french fries :) i've loved all your recent posts.

    and yes, i read The Help and looooved it! and i also have a friend i met through work who's going to be in the movie that comes out in august. i can't wait to see the movie!

  2. Bahahahahaha I do that with my running shoes and love for mexican food all the time! You literally have me cracking up over here... too funny!


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