The Big Purge

I am going to purge my apartment of crap.
It's the new year, it's time to get organized!

My target spots:
  • My pantry (this one is the scariest)
  • My fridge.
  • The magazine basket by my couch.
  • My laundry basket-I want it allll done!
  • My desk as well as the drawers underneath it and the cute little stool where I've hidden stuff I don't know what to do with inside.
  • My jewelry- currently a tangled mess of necklaces and mis-matched earrings.
  • My closet and dresser. I want to get rid of clothes that I don't wear anymore and the ones that don't fit.
  • This includes t-shirts. Over four years of college I have accumulated A LOT of t-shirts from sorority and fraternity functions and young life shenanigans. I want to make a t-shirt blanket and throw away the ones that I don't like.

Wish me luck... I'm going in!


  1. I want to make a blanket out of mine too! I have so many. Many of which have holes in the armpit areas. ha

  2. All I can say is "May the force be with you!" lol!

  3. I'm right behind you, Shannon! That's what I'vebeen doing as I put away the Christmas decor.....sorting and tossing and reorganizing AND I am beat. I'm not long out of bed tonight! :-) BUT I did get alot done.
    I love the idea of a t-shirt blanket. I should make one for my son, whose collected t-shirts I have in my cedar chest! thanks for the great idea! Happy New Year!!!

  4. Love the idea of the t-shirt blanket. Plus, mine have are so worn in that it will probably turn out to be a really comfy blanket! Have fun organizing!

  5. I love the blanket idea-so cute! Hope you made a lot of progress...I should be doing the same : )


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