Restless Reflections

So I am still struggling with blog content and it's annoying. These days I am also struggling with feelings of resltessness-probably why I can't pin down anything interesting to blog about. I am frustrated with my job, with how I spend my time, with the same routine. I am anxious and ready for my life to get going! I feel like I am supposed to be doing so much more than I am right now.

Don't get me wrong I am still so thankful that I have a full time job, in a nice environment, with great people and benefits- it's a job I enjoy. But now...I'm ready for something new and more challenging, I just can't figure out what! I read about these clever people coming up with original wonderful ideas (like this one , shared by a fellow ADPi blogger) and then actually seeing them become a reality. Why can't I think of something like that?

In the mean time, while I patiently (or not so patiently) wait for the Lord's guidance and direction, I am looking for ways to give back and volunteer, basically add a little more substance to my life while helping the community. But if anyone knows about any jobs that combine design, with creative marketing and have a heart for service I'd love to hear about them!


  1. I'm with your Mom ((hugs)) to you. You will figure it out you are young and have time. What you are doing sounds great, giving back that reward is amazing. Networking and pursuing your passion will bring you completeness I hope.

  2. Shannon another blog I follow had a great post today you might find interesting.

    Take care


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