Apartment Cheer

* I am reposting my apartment holiday decorations! So if you are visiting from Kelly's Korner or The Nester, welcome! Please feel free stick around and maybe check out my design page- top right of my side bar!

Here's a little story and some pictures about my apartment!

My roommate and I have been putting off turning on the heat in our apartment. Since both of us are pretty much gone most of the day it hasn't really been a problem. However yesterday was sooo cold and last night was brutal. So when I came home from work last night and saw my roommate sitting in the arm chair bundled up in a blanket, hoodie on with hood pulled up over her head, wearing a scarf and gloves. I said, "um.. we can turn the heat on if you want. I think we've put it off long enough."

Our cold apartment however, is looking quite festive, and I am quite pleased!


  1. I love your new design! You are never boring : ) Your apt. looks so cute...wish I could see it in person!

  2. It does look cute- love the "joy" doormat!

  3. Very pretty, and I love the whimsical touches like the snowman and candy canes :) I remember my apartment days - I lived in one for about 10 yrs before getting married. I really enjoyed the opportunity to decorate my own place. Enjoy these years! Merry Christmas!!


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