Shopping List and Pumpkin Plans

Today I will be running around getting more fall/Halloween decorations as well as getting things together for homecoming which is next weekend!
Here's my list:
  • 2-3 pumpkins for carving
  • a cute wreath
  • mums
  • purple patterned paper to make college decorations (for example a "welcome home" sign)
  • paper products (cups, plates, etc. because I don't want to waste anytime with my friends by having to do the dishes)
  • goody bag swag (I am making little goody bags for everyone staying with me next weekend!)
To get all this stuff here is my plan of attack:
The bank-Michael's-Old Time Pottery-TJ Maxx-The Tomato Vine.

Next week I will be getting all the grocery items and I will share all the yummy food I'm going to make! Stay tuned.

Now for the plans I have for my pumpkins:
I am going to decorate one with my college's logo and then maybe another more traditional Halloween-y one. Plus I am definitely going to make this one:
(Courtesy of Martha Stewart of course!)

I am also going to roast all the seeds! They are great when seasoned with a little bit of ol' bay!
Don't worry I'll share the finished products! Well, I must run... I have a busy day ahead of me!


  1. I can't wait to see how the pumpkin turns out...I'm sure if I tried it mine would not look like that!

  2. I can't wait to see your decor, please post pictures! Also, I posted the answers to your questions on my blog today, thanks again for tagging me (and sorry it took so long to get them up there!:-)

  3. you are so right about the old bay seasoning on pumpkin seeds - SO yummy!


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