2 years

Yesterday was our 2 year anniversary!
Two years ago and a couple days earlier I'd told him I wasn't sure about us, then he went out of town and I kicked myself and said "what the heck of course I want to be with him!" Pretty much the second he got back in town I told him to ask me again because I had changed my mind.
(This is us last year around this time-we don't always wear this much camo.)
Last night we went out to dinner just the two of us, then we got ice cream. It doesn't sound like much but we hardly ever eat out (we get a lot of take out) and it was a simple and perfect way to recognize the day. These past two years have been the best lesson in unconditional love, forgiveness, and humility-and I love him more now than the first time I said it.
Yay us!


  1. You two are so cute! I hope you have many more Anniversary ahead!

  2. Happy Day! Just gotta know about that strapless camo frock you have on...

  3. Happy Anniversary!! You two make an adorable couple. You look cute in your camo. I'm sure there is a story about that camo. Love & blessings from NC!


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