I Got Swag

Well my shopping excursion was very successful!
I'm not showing you everything because my girlfriends read this and I don't want to give everything away. But, needless to say, Michael's pretty much had exactly what I was looking for. After I went there though I still needed some little knick-knacks to put in the goody bags so I went to Wilson's 5 and dime. It looks like this:
They literally have everything under the sun... it scares me.

Anywho... now I am going to pop in a movie and get to crafting.
Happy Columbus Day!


  1. Where is Wilson's five and dime and why have I not been there???

  2. That five and dime looks amazing! My kind of place. Have fun crafting this week. Hope you are enjoying this beautiful fall season. Love & blessings from NC!

  3. I think I want a Wilson's five and dime near me!


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