Home Sweet Apartment

So way back in July I ordered some stuff online from Urban Outfitters including this adorable little rug:
Well it was really really back ordered but it finally arrived yesterday! It had this plastic-y smell so I put it on my porch to air out. Wouldn't you know this morning a water main burst below my porch and showered my entire deck (cute rug included) with lovely muddy brown water. I didn't notice at first because I was distracted watching an SVU marathon and assembling goodie bags. However it only took me about a minute until I noticed the man on a ladder power hosing my deck and my now brown rug....

I awkwardly asked the workers what had happened, gazed sadly at my rug, then subtly closed my blinds and planned what I was going to say to the housing office about my ruined rug.

Anywho.. crisis adverted. I've washed it twice now and the mud as well as the plastic-y smell is gone. This has been without a doubt the most difficult rug I've ever owned.


  1. Love your cute rug! Glad you got it clean. That sounds like something that would happen to me. Sounds like you are making progress with your goodie bags. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. aww...I'm glad you were able to get it cleaned. So cute!

  3. sometimes the cutest things are the most high maintenance...that being said, i would totally get distracted by an SVU marathon, too! haha :)

  4. Cute rug and well worth all the headaches!

  5. You are the best. Wish you were here this weekend. Miss you!


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