Catch Up: Part 1

I am back! I have finally caught up on sleep and picked up my apartment and read through all the blog posts I've missed. I needed a few days to regroup before I could sit down to my own blog again. Be expecting quite a few posts recapping the weekend and what not.

First I am going to share the weekend set up, aka the decorations, aka what my apartment looked like before 6 girls swarmed in and took over (my friends do not pack light).

My handmade crafty decorations:
(tags for the gift bags)
(Front door sign- this is the name of the hall we all lived on together)
(Here's my front door- I didn't make the pumpkin hanging sign)
(I also made this "Welcome Home" sign)
(The goody bags-I painted champagne glasses with purple and white paint, decorated magnetic picture frames, and got everyone purple nail polish)
(I made these adorable pom-poms to put in all the corners of my apartment.)
Next, decorations I didn't make:
(I got dried wheat bundles and gourds from publix and changed all my candles to fall colors)
(This adorable pumpkin was a gift that my old roomie brought me)
(I used more wheat and leaves in this vase, plus how cute is the Eek sign from Michaels?!)
Stay tuned part 2 is coming up!


  1. I want the Eek sign! Where did you find it? I think everything turned out really cute!

  2. Love your decorations! You put a lot of effort into everything!

  3. Precious! Sounds like you were a great hostess!

  4. Oh its all so cute! Your mantle looks pretty. I hope you took pictures of all the luggage : ) I miss you.

  5. Everything looks so cute! I know your guests were impressed with all your talents! You thought of everything and I love your apartment! I'm sure you gals had an awesome weekend and talked non-stop. Can't wait to hear more about your weekend. Glad you had so much fun!!!! Love & blessings from NC!


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